Poeple say that Formentera comes from the Latin word for Frumentarium which means grain or corn, as in the Roman period this was the name given to the island probably because of its fertile lands but also as a storage place in the Mediterranean Sea.

A sleepy fishermans village not long ago, doscovered first by the hippies in the modern era, in the late 60s. Hippies came over from the bigger sister island Ibiza, in search of an even more laid back and relaxed atmosphere than Ibiza.

Lately with tourism having increased a lot over the last years Formentera has become more of a sophisticated and well serviced island. Now catering to almost any traveller that wants to enjoy the great climate and gorgeous beaches that this island has to offer. Many visitors come for the amazing beach life and Formentera still has a very much relaxed and laid back feel to it, and is quickly becoming the favourite destination for those who used to go to Ibiza.